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 Large-scale acquisitions completed during the prosperity period from 2006 to 2007 include: EQ Office, HCA, [32] Alliance Boots [3] and TXU.[34] In July 2007, the turmoil affecting the mortgage market spread to leveraged financing and high-yield bond markets. [35] [36] The market was very strong in the first six months of 2007, and the highly friendly development of issuers included

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 PIK and PIK Toggle(Interest for “ Payable I n Kind ”) and covenant light debt is widely  latest database  available for financing. In July and August, the issuance level of the high-yield loan and leveraged loan market slowed significantly, with only a few issuers entering the market. Uncertainty in market conditions has led to a substantial increase in yield spreads, coupled with a typical summer economic slowdown, which has led many companies and investment banks to put bond issuance plans on hold until autumn.

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 However, the expected market rebound after Labor Day 2007 was not realized, and lack of market confidence hindered transaction pricing. By the end of September, with the intervention of major lenders such as Citigroup and the Swiss Bank Group, the overall   BJ Lists  situation of the credit situation has become apparent. Announced a major write-down due to credit losses. Leverage financial markets are almost at a standstill.

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