Agency Debate: How to do Content Marketing in 2023

Agency Debate: How to do Content Marketing in 2023. The IV Meeting of Agencies said goodbye with an interesting debate on the importance of Content Marketing in company communication and the different changes it has gone through in recent years. This debate was preceded by an introduction by Bruno Vazquez-Dodero, who emphasized the importance of Content Marketing for companies and how it has transformed Email Marketing and SEO positioning in recent years. At this table, we were lucky to have representatives from 5 large marketing agencies. 

How is Perfect Content Created

How is Perfect Content Created. Without a doubt, Content Marketing is a very important element in company strategies. In this first question the speakers were able to show what for them is the most complete way of creating content . Each speaker had their own vision of what was most important. When generating email contact list the perfect content, and everyone added a new term. With all these contributions. They created a very powerful formula for creating content. In order to create content it is essential to have a prior idea . 

Question from an attendee: Do we really listen to customers

 Question from an attendee: Do we really listen to customers. A really interesting topic about the creation of Content Marketing is whether brands ask their customers. What topics they are interested in and how to do it. In the Marketing sector. Therefore, questions are continually asked of users and on many occasions. The answers remain without being channeled. This is because a high budget is needed to be able to manage. The responses obtained. Therefore,  factor that can also intervene is BJ Lists the company’s predisposition to change. Especially when they are large. 

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