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Alexandra writes on her. Content and community writes posts , sometimes takes photos. Answers requests , and that s it. What about the target , strategy. Who is the agency suitable for If your company is large and falls into the category Maim and large business Do you ne cashless payment and contract. Guaranteeing that the task is complete on time is an obligatory part. You don’t want to control the tasks yourself. From SMM you ne maximum productivity. Since the agency has a team of specialists , and not person. Working on all tasks Conclusion if you have a small budget.

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Then it is better to find a couple of freelancers for your tasks. If you have a large pool photo editing servies of tasks. Strict accounting reporting and requirements for the quality of work, look for an agency. And if you are already reading this text. Then you have already found it leave a request for SMM services at Friend Mia. How to sell to different generations. Hello I am Adel Davletshin, director of the Friend Mia bureau. In addition to the usual divisions of target audiences by marketers by age , gender and interests. There is also a division according to the theory of generations.

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A generation is separate from one another by. Approximately BJ Lists years and is unit by a common culture , cultural environment and historical context. Continue in our article . The theory of generations in the USA differs from the Russian one. In America there was no perestroika and the collapse of the USSR , so the division into generations is smoother there. In Russia, generations are logically dived according to historical context into boomers , millennials and boomers. The generation of baby boomers or simply boomers saw and remembers the USSR , millennials practically do not remember their childhood.

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