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Influ publications with a larger reach can cost up to tens of thousands of zlotys. However, the upper range is fluid. A well-known influencer with a powerful and very engag community earns correspondingly more. Who are the most popular Polish influ? For several years, we have been observing a real flood of influencers in Poland. According to data from See Bloggers and Influ Tool, the most popular in our country in were Robert Lewandowski – famous footballer, Wersow – YouTuber, belonging to the Team, . a group of online creators, Friz – creator of the Crew, Anna Lewandowska – wife of Robert Lewandowski, fit influencer.

By The Numbers The Hows Of Marketing

Martyna Wojciechowska – traveller, reporter and journalist, social activist, Natsu – youtuber, Tromba – youtuber, former member of the Team, Monika Kociołek – TikToker, Julia Kostera – youtuber, Marcin Dubiel – youtuber. The most popular influencers  in Poland are, therefore, mostly young artists directing their messages to younger Internet users. How to become an influencer? There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for becoming an influencer. An influencer on the database web is a mix of charisma and an idea for himself, as well as for the content he publishes. Here are some tips for budding creators Find your niche – one that will suit your interests and passions. Deepen your knowlge in a given field and share it, create substantive entries or videos, and soon your community will start to grow.


An Trust Efficient Work Process

Take care of quality – it’s not only about the substantive value of the content, but also about attention to detail, from language to consistent visuals. Be authentic – develop your own style that will become recognizable. At the same time, don’t pretend  to be someone you’re not. Publish regularly – it’s worth getting your audience us to regularly publishing content. To build attachment, you can create specific series of posts or videos. – if the platform you BJ Lists operate on allows it. Please note that the plan “influencer profession” does not always have a chance to succe.

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