But the reality is very different

But the reality Interest in the product or service is obtain and this can be obtain from their online actions and behaviors before and after the conversion. Thanks to artificial intelligence, sales representatives have more time to dicate to qualifi leads. By studying their tastes, their interests, their preferences and indulging their inclinations, it is possible to get closer to customers and therefore obtain greater revenues. This happens because AI, in addition to helping the sales team, the tastes of potential target customers and direct them into the right sales funnel. Even before AI takes over and increases leads, the marketing team can funnel customers further and further into the sales funnel.

Helps marketers to monitor 

Simpl monitor them with emails, ads and messages and also work through social profiles to better get in touch with target users, personalize the message and arouse interest in purchasing. For a company, creating a personaliz message in the best possible way means seo expater bangladesh ltd retaining the highest possible number of leads and not letting them go away. Another fundamental characteristic is timing in sales situations, especially in BB, to try to involve potential customers at the right time. Receiving immiate feback from buyers so as to have clearer ideas and also establishing a dialogue.

Have express interest in a product

With them helps to improve company sales processes. Two examples of artificial intelligence The goal of companies is to use artificial intelligence BJ Lists to convert more leads and have a greater relationship of transparency with their customers. To be successful, one of the things you ne to do is to be able to identify hot leads, people who or service, by sending an email or filling out a form . There is an artificial intelligence built specifically to do this! Her name is “Angie” and she is a sales assistant, who replaces the figure of the sales representatives. This virtual assistant is responsible for sending emails to potential customers and then interpreting

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