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We like to compare it to building with lego bricks. And if your design system takes email accessibility into account from the beginning you can be confident that every subscriber will be able to engage with your emails. From websites to apps to emails adopting an inclusive accessibility-first mindset for all sorts of digital design is the right thing to do. As a bonus email accessibility also makes it easier for all subscribers to see understand and engage with your messages. The point is that better accessibility leads to better email marketing performance. Accessible email development from the ground up requires both empathy for subscribers with physical and mental challenges as well as technical knowlge and creativity.

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 Let’s take a look at the copywriting design and email coding changes you can implement to build an accessible design system. The reading experience: accessible email copy audio icon on an email layout with copy while b2b leads someone will likely write fresh copy for new campaigns there are certain guidelines and best practices you can build into your email templates and the reusable components in your design system. Here are some tips for supporting an accessible email reading experience. Sentences and paragraphs in accessible writing are clear and concise.

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While you may not always have control over the specific language that’s written you can use design system components to nudge copywriters toward accessibility. Shorter sentences and paragraphs are easier to read than big blocks of BJ Lists text. Use lorem ipsum in your templates and text-heavy components that reflect this practice. Try to keep paragraphs to no more than three sentences. That’s good for the mobile reading experience as well as accessibility. Another tip for accessible reading is to use left-align text for body copy. Most people find center and justifi paragraphs harder to read.

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