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[37] With the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, the loan standard has been significantly tightened, and the era of “ large-scale acquisition of ” has ended. Nonetheless, private equity is still a large and active asset class. Private equity companies have billions of dollars in committed capital from investors and are seeking to deploy capital in new and different transactions. Management acquisition Main entry:

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 A special case of management acquisition of leverage acquisition is management   special data  acquisition of (MBO). In management acquisitions, the current management team ( usually has no or few company shares ) to acquire a considerable portion of the company’s shares. Similar to MBO, MBI( management bought ), in which the external management team acquired shares.

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There may be many reasons for the occurrence of MBO; for example, the owner wants to retire and chooses to sell the company to a trusted management member. The owner loses confidence in the future of the company and is willing to sell it to the management ( Believe in the future of the company ),In order to retain  BJ Lists  some corporate investment values, management sees values that business owners do not see and do not want to pursue.

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