How to create a brand from scratch

All the elements to develop to characterize your brand. And make your business unique and memorable. Creating a successful brand is key to making your business operate to its full potential. Whether you already have some knowledge . Or don’t have the faintest idea of how a brand is conceived . In this article you will discover all the elements you cannot do without to create your brand. The word brand comes from english and means trademark . By trademark we mean the name , symbol , logo of a company. It represents the identity of a company. And distinguishes and defines it within the market. 

Why is building a brand important?

We live in a world of brands. The influence that certain companies . New data  Have on our lifestyle is certainly evident to you too . There are companies so successful that they manage . To sell their products only for the brand and not for the product itself. Nike, louis vuitton, coca-cola just to name a few. Have you ever noticed what distinguishes certain nike t-shirts. From those of other companies? The presence of the brand symbol . Often people buy just for that symbol. The enormous success of the company allows it. In this way, to obtain free advertising through customers who wear its products. This is why producing t-shirts with the company name. Or brand prominently displayed is a clear advertising tactic . Furthermore, many companies have managed to become icons of an era, culture and style. 

How is a brand created?

Don’t be fooled, creating a brand may seem simple because you think you only need to define the brand. Instead, it is perhaps among the most difficult things to do . BJ Lists  In fact, it is necessary to be able to summarize the entire concept of a company in a simple symbol , logo or name. Making everything captivating and memorable. In short, in addition to a good dose of creativity. Several steps are necessary to help you not get lost in the sea of already existing brands. This is the first question you need to ask yourself before offering yourself on the market. Who are you? It encompasses many things: what do you want?, who are you addressing?, what is your style?, your attitude?… To even be able to choose the font for your name, you will have to know how to answer all these questions . You have to know who you are, but also what you are not and above all avoid imitating someone else . 

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