customer loyalty comes from games

What is gamification? How can you apply it to your marketing. And communication strategies to more easily achieve company objectives?
Loyalty is one of the most difficult goals to customer loyalty games achieve during the customer journey . Closing a sale and converting is very challenging but not as challenging as making. A customer feel so unique and special that they are convinced to stay tied to your brand forever .To make this process much simpler, a new marketing tool has arrived a few years ago. Linked to the needs of millennials, this technique allows you to convert and pamper customers by making them play. Yes, you understood correctly, we are talking about gamification.

What is gamification and where does it come from customer loyalty games

Gamification was created to respond to the needs of millennials. The generation born between 1980 and 1995, which today represents. A fringe of the population with purchasing power. That is increasingly involved in sales processes. This specific target is not part of the so-called digital natives, but has certainly acquired greater familiarity with technology, entertainment, the web and above all video games over the years. It is precisely these habits that have changed. Learning systems, transforming them from linear to interactive, fast and practical. Marketing has responded to this greater search for interactivity and participation with gamification. A tendency to attribute playful country email list particularities to each business process.

How does a gamification strategy work

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To understand exactly how a gamification strategy works, let’s take a step back. Do you remember collecting points from the markets near your home. For example, although it has digitized the process continues to use. A similar mechanism supermarket customers are encouraged to purchase. Within the chain because they can collect stamps and obtain a prize . From the simple collection of points, marketing and communication mechanisms have evolved by seeking increasingly attentive customer participation . Making the customer the protagonist in communication and sales processes becomes. One of the most important BJ Lead objectives of every business and can be achieved with gamification. Gamifying content is possible through the use of mechanisms such as.

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