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Security certificate The first thing to pay attention to is ensuring the security of the website. The appropriate certificate is absolutely necessary. The symbol of its ownership is a clos padlock in the upper left corner of the browser. Next to the address bar of the website. The lack of such protection means not only warning messages to the potential user and ruc trust in the website, but also degradation of the website in search results. Neless to say, there is also a big drop in sales. The website should be user-friendly, encouraging to stay on it. Good UX (User Experience) practices are something that is especially worth implementing in an e-shop.

Out The Competitorsconsider The Risks

The most important UX principle is maximum usability, and thus – simplicity and intuitiveness in using the purchase options, searching and generally navigating the website. Remember! With the huge competition of types of websites in many industries, even one inconvenience that a potential customer encounters can whatsapp mobile number list cause them to leave and choose the competition. Conversion Rate Optimization When developing the layout and appearance of the website, it is not a bad practice to look at the solutions of competitors and industry leaders who have certainly taken care of the user’s comfort. A more detail issue in UX is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization.

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Small Business Seo A Complete

Conversion optimization in an online store. This is a key aspect regarding the user’s stay in the e-shop. Therefore, it is worth putting a lot of work into relat activities. It is associat with the decisive moment when it turns out whether the product will  be purchas by the customer. The path from product selection to purchase must BJ Lists be as simple and short as possible. It is worth that the customer should also have a clearly written down the cost of the product with. Search Engine Optimization Another important thing that should not be forgotten is SEO activities.

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