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Personalization is the best way to get your potential customers to interact with your emails and really engage with your content – they want to feel like you’re talking to them directly, not a massive crowd of strangers. In fact, email marketing personalization improves open rate by up to 42%. That’s a lot. If you use Klaviyo, there are some automations you can enable to get closer to your customers, such as welcome emails or birthday messages: you can offer your customers a special birthday discount, a free shipping code or a simple happy birthday. message will do. That’s something brick and mortar stores can’t match. TrendUSER GENERATED CONTENT User-generated content has been in the marketing game for a while, and integrating it into email marketing can do wonders.

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Potential customers are likely to trust other customers more than your own perception of your products. Seeing other customers using your products and services – like influencers – or reading text reviews with photos will definitely give the potential buyer some peace of mind about their decision. Find a way to include user-generated content in your email strategy and you’ll see better results! Trend INTERACTION Static emails will be too bland to grab your subscriber’s attention. You will want to get your users to interact with your emails, and for that, you need to make them more attractive by including elements such as image carousels, videos, sliders, games, quizzes, etc.

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This will pay the subscribers. more attention and more interest in your offer! Trend we have the use of artificial intelligence, or AI. AI has had a strong impact in marketing for some time, allowing marketers to gain more information about their potential customers and use it to their advantage. AI tools use customer data to learn how best to communicate with them, then serve them tailore messages at the right time without intervention from marketing team members, ensuring maximum effectiveness. This, taken to email marketing, can bring incredible results. Tren GOODBYE OPEN PRICE! Open rate seeme like a reliable way to see if subscribers are engaging with your emails. However, Apple change that.

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