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When we built the design system for sinch email i work closely with our senior graphic designer to make sure the reusable components adher to our brand’s style guides as much as possible. If there are style elements and current design practices that may be inaccessible this is a good time to address them and improve the entire brand experience. For email accessibility the size of your chosen font should be 16 pixels at the smallest. That’s what’s recommend for body copy but that is a minimum. For small email campaigns we chose to bump up the font size to 18 px for mobile viewing.

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The typeface you choose to use may also impact accessibility and readability. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a readable typeface: it performs well when it’s small or large. It has a large x-height. The character is large for business lead its point size. The metrics (such as x-height) are consistent between letterforms. Individual letterforms are distinct in shape and cannot be confus with others. Tips from accessibility another best practice for accessible fonts in email is to make sure text can be enlarg to 200% of its original size. That’s so people can use the zoom function if ne.

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By precoding accessible font sizes into your email design system components you ensure your messages can be read by people with vision impairments. That includes 8% of american adults. So it probably includes BJ Lists around 8% of your email list too. Perhaps the most important choice you’ll make when building an accessible design system is how to use appropriate color contrast in email. Primarily you’ll want to have good contrast between foreground and background colors which includes how the text appears on the background.

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