How to get recurring customers in an e-commerce

How to get recurring customers in an e-commerce. I’m not going to lie to you. A person doesn’t buy from you because they like you as a business manager. He buys from you because he considers that you have a good price-quality ratio. It is the key factor although it is not the only reason why someone ends up buying from your e-commerce .


Honest service and personal treatment How to get

How to get recurring customers in an e-commerce. In the end it’s what everyone wants. May they treat you well. When your product executive data has a defect, don’t try to hide it. Before a complaint arises, you must already provide a solution . In our case we move in the world of collecting. When a piece has slight damage, no matter how small, it is mentioned and the price is reduced. If we do not realize it or it appears at the time when the sale is made, a small amount is paid to compensate for the defect.


Ease of return customers in an e-commerce

If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t fit, nothing happens. Simplifying BJ Lists the return increases the probability of the next purchase. In the end, a client wants to see that you do not complicate their life when there is an incident. Anyone can be kind when things are going well.if sometimes they are not. Many times the possible .

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