How to Start a Fundraiser on Instagram

With instagram fundraising, you have many tools to spread the word far and wide on your stories,

Guess which platform puts the gram in donation programs? The fun in fundraising? The… You already know, but what you may not know (and why you’re here) is how to start a fundraiser on Instagram.

With Instagram fundraising (where you raise money for causes involving universities, government agencies, hospitals, or non-profits through the platform), you have many tools to spread the word far and wide on your Stories, Reels, and posts.

And Instagram is a powerful tool to connect with potential donors. With over 2.35 billion monthly active users, the platform can amplify your message and reach a wider audience. In this blog post, we’ll explain exactly how to add a fundraiser to Instagram and explore ten ways you can promote it.

Start a Fundraiser on Instagram

Your fundraiser will now be visible for 30 days from your post and the link in your bio. Curious how to add the fundraiser to your instagram bio? It automatically uploads when you create your fundraiser, so you don’t actually b2b email list have to do anything! To remove it, you need to delete or end your fundraiser.

You can extend your fundraiser’s timeline at any point before the 30 days are up. Record scratch: hold up. You might be thinking, that’s all well and good, but i’m the one running the account people are donating to. How the heck do actually make this account able to receive donations?

Fundraiser on Instagram Through a Post on Your Feed

You’ll need to take a few steps to become eligible first. Enroll in meta’s facebook charitable giving tools there’s a bit of a waiting period, so be sure to do this at least three weeks before your campaign starts. Be sure you have an instagram business account

link your instagram to your facebook page

to allow others to add donation stickers on your behalf, tap BJ Lists publishing tools on your facebook page, then hit donation settings and toggle “allow people to add donation stickers on instagram stories” then hit save.

how to promote a fundraiser on instagram. Now it’s time to learn how to promote a fundraiser on instagram. You need to decide which strategies you’re going to use to get the good word out there. There’s no limit; you can use all 10 of the below suggestions if you want!

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