Images for ads: How to choose the best alternative?

The first thing to know when creating or selecting the image is the importance of. Therefore, functionality. Above all, you have to convey your message and that image or layout has to be in tune. Often, a call to action (CTA) highlighted with contrasting. Therefore, color can be more efficient than a discreet and harmonious button. That’s not to say that images should ignore aesthetics. Rather, we want to emphasize that you must always stay on top of the topic.

The importance of internet ad images

Taking into account that the image chosen for your. Therefore, advertisement must contribute to the objective of the company data campaign, it is time to think about ways to materialize and humanize the product. Therefore, advertised. In the digital product market it is important to select images that materialize and humanize the experience, that is, use photos that can convey the feeling of something concrete and human for the product.

How to choose good images for ads?

Some buyers have difficulty understanding the consumption of something. Therefore, that is 100% digital and a good BJ Lists image can help change that perception. For example: Imagine that your product in Hotmart is a digital book on Sales Techniques. In this. Therefore, case, the image could show a person reading your book on a tablet.

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