Information and understanding

On the other hand, if you casually understand everything  Information and you read, are you really learning anything new? The materials for gaining an edge in the insights department can be difficult to understand. In other words, when it comes to that particular subject, the writer is your boss, and it’s your job to fill in the gaps in expertise by reading closely. You do it by going beyond learning through instruction and developing true understanding through discovery . For example, you’re reading a challenging book full of great information, and you understand it well enough to realize that you do n’t understand everything.

levels of Information and reading

It is said that anyone can become an expert by reading category email list five books. That may be true, but how you read those five books will make all the difference. If you read these five books analytically, you will become an expert on what the five authors said. Reading 5 books synonymously will give you a unique perspective and expertise in this field. In other words, sympatric reading is not about existing experts. It’s about you and the problem you’re trying to solve, and in this case for your own readers.

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Test reading

Disagreements about truth abound on almost every  Bj Lists topic, so determining “truth” via sympatric readings doesn’t really matter. The value lies in the discussion between competing viewpoints on the same root information, and being knowledgeable enough to hold one’s own in expert discussions. According to early bloggers, this is what “online conversations” were supposed to look like, and sometimes it is. But most of the time, online conversations seem like uninformed, unconditional, unsubstantiated opinions, and you don’t want to be part of that scene.

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