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This allows the model to generate text and send it as an email to the recipients. Language Differentiation: can also be used to create email in different languages, which provides speed and efficiency for the companies operating in different countries. Key Practices for Using in Cold Email Copywriting: 3 Main Steps When it comes to using Chat GPT for cold email copywriting, there are a few best practices that will help boost your engagement and conversion rates. First try to be as specific as you can with your first prompts. The ai copywriting tool still has limitations, so it can get confusing, misleading, or duplicate the answers if the prompts aren’t clear enough. Let’s continue with the real cold email examples we experienced with.

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Create Cold Email Body Copy or Draft We asked our first prompt such as, “Would you please write a cold email promoting our product, the email marketing Software, to tech startups in San Francisco, California?” For the first time it is quite amazing and the content is 80% correct in fact. However automatically added a special offer to our campaign which is a general attitude to promote cold emails actually. Anyway, we changed the prompt a bit for a more accurate version by telling the bot that: Could you please remove the offers and change the feature from “Easy to use drag-and-drop email builder” to “Ready to use templates”? Yes, it applies the prompts to the letter and we just provided feedback for that fix as well. Don’t forget to train while using it until the end.

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Providing more accurate information will definitely help other people and internet users just like you. So to continue with our email body draft process, we asked one more step regarding our promotional email to set up more “professional” . So, as you can see, the point is to exactly train and guide the in the direction you plan and stick to conversion actually! Because it’s a chat and continuous conversions create much more meaningful materials for the copywriting. Request Subject Lines & Don’t Hesitate to Ask More! We took our experience a step further and requested different topics for our cold emails and in fact we forced for some creativity.

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