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Let’s go deeper to find the answers! What is Chat GPT and the Basic Idea of ​​a Chatbot? Before identifying the “Chat GPT” and its functions, let’s define the basic idea of ​​a chat. Chat is basically software that allows users to engage with it through chat, a primitive type of AI in fact. Chatbot can be used to help with daily tasks, answer questions such as customer service staff, financial follow-up; however, performing some other creative tasks such as problem solving, optimization, or copywriting may also require human interaction. Chatbots are especially useful when businesses want to reach large audiences, such as managing extensive customer services or providing customer satisfaction in digital APPs.

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However, Chat GPT is much different from the usual chatbots on websites or APPs. Chat GPT is primarily a language generation model, while chatbots are a type of conversational agent, which can understand and respond to user input. Both Chat GPT and chatbots can be used for customer service, but they have some key differences on “Language Generation, Understanding user input, Complexity and Customization”. Here’s why: Language generation: Chat GPT is a language generation model that can generate human-like text, while chatbots usually use pre-written scripts and responses.

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Chat GPT can generate more natural language, which makes it better for customer services. In addition to that, Chat GPT can be used to generate responses in multiple languages, while traditional chatbots can be limited to a single language. Understanding user input: Chat GPT does not understand the user input, it generates the response based on the input it receives. Chatbots, on the other hand, are designed to understand user input and respond accordingly, using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). Complexity: Chat GPT can be used to generate more complex and nuanced responses, while chatbots are usually limited to pre-written scripts and responses.


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