Mini guide on the graphic aspect of a site

Why care about graphics and how to improve them: all the elements in play. The site is like a shop window , your company’s business card. We know it, we have said it over and over again many times. Yet we must reiterate it again: showing up with. A poorly maintained site , perhaps with errors or with. Old graphics is like wearing a dress that is not suited to the occasion . The graphic aspect allows you to express the identity of your brand . It helps you to be more engaging , to give an image of professionalism . To remain well impressed by the public and, if it helps users to stay on the site for a long time, google also likes it. This is why improving the graphics of your pages is certainly . One of the essential actions to increase traffic to your site.

Why take care of the graphic part of your site?

You too may have ended up on a site with jurassic graphics, messy content and pixelated images. Special Data Confess, you left the site right away, didn’t you? Your experience will certainly have been disappointing. You may have thought that the site was really neglected. And unprofessional, consequently projecting this same thought onto the brand in question . Do you want to take the same risk when people land on your pages? We bet not. Whatever the specific objective you want to achieve. Thanks to your site, dealing with graphics is a main aspect . To be treated on a par with the study of content and functionality.

How to improve the graphics of your site?

Today there are many possibilities for creating a beautiful site, with an eye on the layout. BJ Lists The first step, though, is knowing what you want . Define your project, take pen and paper and draw it. Organize the home, menu, pages .Decide where to place each element, what type of interaction.  You want to implement (whether to insert newsletters, comments, forms, widgets). At this stage you will really have to imagine the site in its entirety. All the information you can put together in this way will also be very useful . When working with a professional graphic designer.

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