Not only because platforms like Instagram

Not only because The responses to understand whether it is a hot lead or not. In this way, customers are satisfi with the help they receive immiately and sales representatives work better, because they receive the right leads from Angie, the ones most qualifi for the sale. Even after you get a lead, you have to work to keep it active and this is where AI steps in to make sure users don’t feel neglect. Sometimes, the response to this additional action simply generates a new sales opportunity. The leads are then follow, almost insistently, by AI systems to receive feback. Another form of intelligence to consider is Drift, the best live chat tool for sales.

Drift starts a conversation

With the visitor and bas on what he is ask, provides one of seven potential answers. This is precisely where the virtual assistant comes into play and is able to respond to most of the requests made to it. Where it is unable to web designs and development service provide responses, the machine sends. A notification to an internal manager inviting them to take over the conversation. Drift is also able to generate qualifi leads and thanks to it it is possible to obtain information on users. That would not have been identifi even through an analysis system.

Ai-sales-quotes Machine learning

A company must find the right balance between the customers obtain with new sales methods and the old customers who are now loyal. He must not lose the former and must maintain the latter. This is the key to continuing to grow. Here artificial intelligence comes into play BJ Lists which, by analyzing the data, answers questions such as “What other product will the customer buy?”, “When will he buy again?”. From this analysis, it is possible to make decisions, increase demand and resolve problems and obstacles where they arise. Many companies are also using machine learning to break out of the usual purchasing patterns and anticipate customer nes.

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