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The list of have been made to the selection criteria (or technical specifications) after the opening of tenders or the criteria (or specifications) have been applied incorrectly A situation where the contracting authority has changed or incorrectly applied the selection criteria (or technical specifications) at the selection stage, resulting in the acceptance of winning tenders that should not have been accepted (or the rejection of tenders that should have been accepted) had the published selection criteria been followed. In this case, the correction imposed will amount to % of the funding.

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If the ordering party clearly demonstrates that the rejected bid would not have won under any circumstances, the irregularity will have no financial consequences. Incorrect evaluation of offers based on criteria, specifications, additional, unpublished Photo Retouching criteria If the award criteria (or the relevant sub-criteria or weightings) set out in the contract notice or the tender specifications were not respected during the evaluation of the offers or unpublished additional award criteria were used in the evaluation, the Beneficiary will have to return % of the funding. If the above-mentioned conditions result in discrimination ((based on unjustified national, regional and local preferences), the financial correction imposed will amount to % of the funding.

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Insufficient audit trail for contract award An insufficient audit trail can be understood in many situations. Refers to the case where the documentation in question is insufficient to justify the award of the contract, resulting in a lack of transparency. This may BJ Lists result in a financial correction of % of the funding being imposed . By way of order, the beneficiary must have appropriate documents presenting the course of the entire procedure (e.g. confirming the answer to the questions asked or the publication of the decision in the Competitiveness Database) and confirming the selection of the tenderer. Refusal to access such documentation will result in a % refund of the funding.

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