People want what’s best for them

Reshare your existing content. Repurpose existing content.” -Melanie Deziel The breakdown: Marketing teams don’t always ne to produce new content to be successful. Content repurposing is a powerful action that can transform existing content into something new and equally useful. 28. “People want what’s best for them and that can change at a moment’s notice because there’s always a new disruptor destroying the last disruptor. So companies should strive to keep changing and adapting to customer nes

social mieda manager is the customer

Consumers say they have switch to a Email List competitor following a bad customer experience so it’s essential to focus on delivering exceptional experiences at every touchpoint and meeting your customers’ most important nes. 29. “Our social mieda manager is the customer.” – McDonald’s The breakdown: Customers drive social mia marketing because they’re the ones sharing and engaging with content. If you do the marketing for them you will probably be successful.

Knowing what your competitors are doing is important

email list

Our job is to connect with people to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them more capable of getting where they want to go.” -Seth Godin The breakdown: Authentic connections are a priority when it comes  BJ Lists  to marketing. This is why it is important to develop brand personality and connect with customers on a human level. 31. “Listen to your customers not your competitors . ” -Joel Spolsky The breakdown: Knowing what your competitors are doing is important but they don’t contribute to your revenue; your customers however do.

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