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Plan in the linkedin Career have been For your business. Benefits of additional search filters You can narrow down your search results and find the most relevant and qualifi prospects for your business. You can segment your prospects bas on various criteria and tailor your outreach accordingly. You can discover new opportunities and niches that you might have miss otherwise. . Boolean search Sales Navigator boolean search is a type of search that allows you to combine keywords with operators such as AND, OR, NOT, etc. to create more complex and precise queries.

Sales navigator boolean

Search For example, if you want to find sales seo expate bd managers who work in software companies in New York, you can use a boolean search like this: “sales manager” AND “software” AND “New York“. For this kind of queries, you will be limit on the linkin basic search as Linkin won’t let use complex boolean expression. They want you to buy Sales Navigator for that. image Linkin Sales Navigator search supports boolean queries for both lead and account searches, which gives you more flexibility and control over your searches. Benefits of Boolean search You can create more complex and precise queries that match your exact nes and preferences.

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Or unwant results that might clutter BJ Lists your searches. You can combine different keywords and operators to create multiple variations of your queries and test their effectiveness. . Account Searches An account search is a type of search that allows you to find and target specific companies that match your criteria. sales navigator account search For example, if you want to find software companies that have more than employees and are bas in the US, you can use an account search like this: Industry: Software Company size: – Location: Unit States Linkin Sales Navigator allows you to perform account searches and access detail information about each company, such as industry, revenue, headcount, growth rate etc.

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