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Is the Personal Brand created, managed and discovered ? If you think you are going to read just another typical article about personal branding, that’s not the case. If you are one of those who defend to the death that a personal brand is discovered, this post is not for you. Is the Personal Now, if you are one of those who likes to question a topic that many others take for granted, this article may interest you. Online Marketing Well, I have wanted to write about this topic for a long time, because it is something that strikes a chord with me. And I am going to write it for two specific reasons. I’m tired of seeing people repeating more of the same.

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Father of the Personal Brand wrote in his day and quite rightly that the. ” And now many, if not all, preach these words to the point of exhaustion. Yes, because I think executive data that the issue of personal branding is becoming exhausted because of this, repeating more of the same . There comes a time when few people believe it. It’s like the issue of infoproducts, when they came out everyone bought, God began to create and sell them, and we reached a moment when we no longer believe in what they are selling us. Everything seems like smoke. And I fear that this could happen with personal branding. And this is where the 2nd reason for this post comes in.

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Value to the process of creating a Personal Brand, in the end. People see it as something easy to achieve and when you. Try to talk about a method to enhance BJ Lists personal branding. The audience does not see it as necessary or worse, many may think that you are selling smoke. Some time ago I was on a 4-hour train trip to attend an event where I met Andrés Pérez Ortega, whom I did not know personally, although I had already read his posts and some of his books about him because he is a pioneer of this topic in Spain, and he I agree that the talk we had had quite an impact on me. And for two reasons: On the train I saw him as a shy or introverted person, and of few words.

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