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 In addition, the RJR Nabisco transaction showed signs of tension, leading to a capital reorganization in 1990, in which KKR contributed $1.7 billion in new equity. [20] Deleksel Byrneham Lambert (Drexel Burnham Lambert) became the most responsible for the private equity boom in the 1980s due to its leading position in the issuance of high-yield bonds Investment bank.

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[21] Drexel reached an agreement with the government, which proposed  new data   the defense of “non-competitive ”— three stock amputations and three stock manipulations for six felony crimes. —22] It also agreed to pay a fine of $650 million —— which was the largest fine imposed under the Securities Law at the time. Milken left the company after being sued in March 1989.

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[23] February 13, 1990, at the suggestion of the US Treasury Secretary Nicholas F. Brady (Nicholas F. Brady) formally applied to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), New York Stock Exchange and Fed, De Chong Securities (Drexel Burnham Lambert) for bankruptcy  BJ Lists  protection under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Law. [23] Main entry in the era of large acquisitions: the decline in private equity interest rates in the 21st century,

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