Run a Paid Campaign

Adding paid advertising campaigns to your organic strategy is like throwing gas on the fire. Paid instagram ad campaigns are a breeze to make, and you can compound your reach, finding donate-likely folks in far corners of the internet. Select your target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring your campaign reaches the right people.

You can simply boost the post that has your fundraising details on it (this is the easiest way). Or try creating custom ads designed to further your campaign through ads manager. This option can be more strategic, depending on your campaign goals.

Open your camera in the instagram app and tap live select fundraiser and choose the organization you want to donate to.

Use the Link in Your Bio

Pro tip with hootsuite, you can manage both your organic and paid posts on linkedin, facebook, and instagram in one place. This is a great way not to get a headache.

Start your free hootsuite trial now. Did you know you can run instagram reel ads? Or boost your existing reels see below for the easy and the hard way! Combining the reach business email list of paid advertising with the power of video content can net you more donations.

When your live broadcast starts, you can see in real-time the people supporting the fundraiser and the amount of money they’re donating on the view screen. Hit them with a wave to say thank you!

Create a Cross-Platform Campaign

The link in your bio is prime real estate for your fundraising efforts. Here, you can direct your followers to a fundraising page. What’s better than one platform? Two! Running a cross-platform fundraising campaign can widen your reach.

Cross-platform campaigns have tons of benefits. Each platform can be used to serve a different purpose. You may want to promote awareness and engagement on twitter, for example, then funnel people to convert via instagram. Whatever makes the most sense for your audience. Pro tip: using BJ Lists hootsuite, you can schedule and post to all of your social platforms at once. For cross-platform campaigns, this is a big huge time saver. Hootsuite will also prompt you with the best times to publish per platform, so your campaign launches when your audience is online.

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