The Presence of Your Website in Search Engines

Being found organically on the Internet has become one of the main needs of small and large companies. The Presence To achieve this, the. Therefore, SEO audit is the perfect starting point for any positioning strategy. With the SEO audit you can identify. Where you are and what is needed to achieve the objectives of your website. This process allows you to determine. Opportunities for improvement and find structural, technical or content failures that will serve as the starting line to begin optimizations. Therefore, In this complete 15-step guide you will learn how to perform an SEO audit for your website or blog. 

Why The Presence is It Important to Do an SEO Audit

When we create a website and constantly feed it email contact list with new content and settings, it is very easy to lose track of the behavior of these activities once implemented. Likewise, with the constant changes in Google’s algorithm and evolving user behavior. Therefore, It is necessary to periodically evaluate the performance of your website in these new scenarios. Despite there being more than 200 factors that. Therefore, Google takes into account to rate and classify websites, there are essential aspects that we must pay attention to in any SEO strategy.

Check Your Indexing on Google

Indexing on Google is the alpha BJ Leads of organic positioning. If you don’t appear in Google’s index, you basically can’t be found by your users organically. Therefore, Despite all your efforts to constantly publish new content. So, an essential aspect of the SEO audit is to verify that your website. And all its relevant pages are being indexed in search engines. For this, the best tool is Google Search Console . Therefore, From the main menu of Search Console you can go to the. Index Status option and there see how many pages you have indexed in Google.

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