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Audience and inform personalization efforts. . Ai and intelligent agentsai technology can collect information about user behavior and help marketers better understand personas and buyers journey. It can optimize content and assist with the creation of digital strategies. 3. Mobile and connected devices and the internet of thingsmobile has already begun to dominate search and brands need to optimize their content for mobile devices. They also need to consider the rise of alternate mobile devices and the growing importance of

Voice search Content

And seo convergenceseo and content need to be integrated from the beginning. Brands should use seo insights to find trending topics and keywords b2b leads and create outstanding content that aligns with customer needs. 5. Native advertising growthnative advertising which focuses on creating ad copy that is relevant and natural for customers is expected to increase exponentially. Brands should research their audience and target sites content create valuable content and test what advertising content works best. These trends are

Based on the

Content provided on and can help brands stay ahead in the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape. Dig deeperthe rise of generative aia marketers guide to textual and BJ Lists visual ai content updated promptheres one way this prompt could be refined to gather more specific information. There are many possibilities depending on the human users main interests:i want you to identify the most important recent trends in marketing technology that show effective ways of managing customer data in order to run highly

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