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So build text-heavy components for your design system with left-align copy. Headings titles and subheadings in emails with lots of text help make the reading experience easy for everyone to follow. For people using screen-reading software with email headings also help them use keyboard navigation to access different sections of the message. The feature mimics the way someone with healthy vision might scan email text for what they’re most interest in reading. However you shouldn’t format headings by making the font larger and bolder.

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Screen readers won’t interpret that text as a heading. Components in your accessible email design system should be cod with tags that follow a logical order or hierarchy for the main headline or title for headings subheadings beneath the etc. This is known business email list as semantic code which we’ll talk about more later. Writing alt text: whether it’s a copywriter an email marketer or a developer someone on your email team should be writing alternative text or alt text for all of the important images in each campaign. Screen readers use alt text to describe images for users with vision problems.

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This copy should be descriptive yet concise. You want recipients with visual impairments to understand the image and its purpose in the email. Avoid repeating the same alt text on similar images and don’t add it to visual elements that are only decorative. Alt text shouldn’t interrupt the flow of the email with unnecessary copy. If your email design system includes BJ Lists space for alt text in the code for image placeholders you’ll be less likely to forget about adding it. However it’s best to mindfully write alt text copy before it gets to the email developer not at the last minute. The visual experience: accessible email design elements eyeball views accessible emails in light and dark modes.

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