9 Essential Soft Skills for Digital Marketers

Despite powerful competitors snapping at its heels. Netflix is a force to be reckone with in the streaming and entertainment world. The subscription-base streaming service has over 23 million subscribers and reporte a revenue of over $8 billion in the first quarter of 2023 according to Statista. Those are some eye-opening numbers to contend with and the brand shows no intention of slowing down. You just nee to look at its content over the years to see its rising success: Bridgerton. Stranger Things. Downton Abbey. Skills for Digital Marketers

Let’s look at how its marketing strategy

the content on disney+ is enviable even by netflix standards. With pixar (toy story). Marvel (iron man and the rest!). Lucasfilm (star wars) and hulu (keeping up with the kardashians) content along with its lower membership price point. Disney+ draws in subscribers to the tune of over 234 million (that’s more than netflix). However. According to  new database  nasdaq. Subscriber count has become a murky metric. Instead average revenue per user (arpu) can be more telling. In q4 of 2022. Netflix’s monthly arpu stood at $11.76. While disney+’s domestic arpu was $5.95. Check out our case study ‘the enduring innovation and magic of disney’ for an in-depth look at that brand’s full marketing picture.

Netflix: Wrap-up

new database

Marketers know that the realm of social media moves fast. There are algorithms to track. new features to understand. and countless trends to tap into. especially the rise of AI tools for social media.

The popularity of social media platforms can BJ Lists fluctuate over time due to various factors. including changing user preferences and the emergence of new ones. We just need to look at the decline in popularity and users of Clubhouse and Be Real to see how quickly things can change in the social media realm. Skills for Digital Marketers

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