Social images the correct dimensions 2022

Social images the correct dimensions  Graphics and photographs are in the foreground for marketing and corporate communication strategies . What can confuse ideas, however, lies in the use of these images. Every social network, in fact, has characteristics and requires users to adapt and respect them. So far, nothing difficult Social images correct but it could happen that you get lost in the confusion of different types of formats . Result? Uploading a graphic suitable for another social network to a social network, for example. In short, a bad effect for the eyes of your audience, also in terms of preparation and care of your pages.

How to choose the best photos for social media

The first rule to follow is: choose the images so that they are in line. with the tastes and needs of the public and the specific social network .You have to know your audience. know what they are looking for, what they love and what they really can’t stand. This will help you immediately get in tune, align your communication with the approach of the people who follow you. What works best? What less? These indications will be a true beacon to guide your choices. At this stage, don’t forget that the platform must also be chosen carefully . Not all social media is right for your asia email list message and your audience.

Video and social network how to be successful Social

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Social media speaks more and more in images and photographs have carved out. A large space for themselves on all platforms. Of a more educational nature or just to entertain and amuse, they are, without a doubt, what people are looking for. Based on your type of message you can choose the most suitable cut. Testimonial or video review to raise awareness of the brand or company. Tutorial to promote a product or service . A video expresses authenticity, shows things as they are, provokes emotions and smiles, in short, it involves the viewer. To generate conversion and loyalty, a video strategy BJ Lead designed specifically for your business cannot be missing .

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