The Unstoppable Success of Netflix

The content on Disney+ is enviable even by Netflix standards. With Pixar (Toy Story). Marvel (Iron Man and the rest!). Lucasfilm (Star Wars) and Hulu (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) content along with its lower membership price point. Disney+ draws in subscribers to the tune of over 234 million (that’s more than Netflix). However. according to Nasdaq. subscriber count has become a murky metric. Instead average revenue per user (ARPU) can be more telling. In Q4 of 2022. Netflix’s monthly ARPU stood at $11.76. while Disney+’s domestic ARPU was $5.95. Check out our case study ‘The Enduring Innovation and Magic of Disney’ for an in-depth look at that brand’s full marketing picture. Success of Netflix

Let’s look at how its marketing strategy

Let’s look at how its marketing strategy has change over the years and where it stands in the face of powerful rivals like Disney+. Amazon Prime new data Video. and Apple TV+. What makes Netflix so successful? In essence. Netflix’s success is due to the brand’s ability to evolve and the spee at which it does so. It’s this ability to pivot that has enable its marketing strategy to change and move away from long-held beliefs such as ‘ad spending not resulting in more viewers’. Another driving success factor is its technology. Netflix’s recommendation engine was create to do one key thing – drive personalization

Customer data & personalization

new data

Its goal is to ensure that subscribers get the content they want and are intereste in. This requires the collection of data and the creation of tailore customer journeys for every user. That’s no small feat. Another key reason is the content. Netflix BJ Lists invests a huge amount of money in original content. This vision and investment have seen it create hit shows and get nominations and wins for Oscars. Emmys. BAFTAs. SAGs. Golden Globes. and even Grammys. Success of Netflix

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