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The maritime division and the land defense division. Japans marine division is the largest of these divisions. Recent years have seen the Japan SelfDefense Force collaborate with the United Nations on various peacekeeping missions. . The United Kingdom The military services offered by the British Armed Forces officially referred to as Her. Majestys Armed Forces are considered some of. The worlds most fabulous. In most cases they are tasked with defending not only the United Kingdom but also its royal dependencies and other overseas territories in addition to the United Kingdom itself.

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Responsibilities as peacekeepers they work to Buy Bulk SMS Australia further the more special interests of the United Kingdom and conduct themselves in a manner that is exemplary of humanitarians. The countrys budget for its armed forces is the greatest globally coming in at billion dollars. That money purchased airplanes tanks and ships. . India The Indian Army the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy are the three branches that make up the Indian Armed Forces. They have the secondlargest military force in the world as well as the thirdlargest defense budget.

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There are many support units including the BJ Lists Central Armed Police Forces the Indian Coast Guard the Assam Rifles and the Special Frontier Forces. It is not common for a country to have the seventhlargest military presence in the entire globe in their territory. There are now approximately . million people serving on active duty in the armed forces. The President of India is also the Minister of Defense for the Indian government which he oversees in that capacity . China It is estimated that China has . million active military members in its armed forces at any time.


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