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Selection Settle on a multitone gray palette  blacks with white undertones. Draw attention with bright accents For links and CTA buttons a bright color palette is the best. Stop at one tone. So it will be intuitively clear to the user that this elent is active.

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Able to perform the desir action. Use santic colors to focus attention on important elents Dubai Business Fax List and information At the sight of this color the user should understand that there is something important in front of him that is worth paying attention to. The santic color function is as follows phasize the status of the user when further actions.

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Require special attention highlight BJ Lists important information. Drawing attention to text it fields as well as various radio buttons select buttons checkboxes etc. Visual highlighting of feback messages. Tip Rber the Rule Although it was coin in relation to overall design it is absolutely applicable to digital products. Its use helps create an interface.


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