The designer the opportunity

Job search sites from GeekBrains List of verifi resources of real vacancies with an income of Get a selection for free Click animation pdf mb doc mb Already download pdf icon Knowlge of the influence of colors on the human psyche gives to create a corporate identity that conveys not only the concept of the brand but also broadcasts the vision of the end customer his level of income forming a certain relationship.

Associat with certain associations

Traditional ideas in a given environment etc. Looking at this or that logo a sign we experience different otions that we are Germany Business Fax List tun in to necessary thoughts come to mind. We dont even realize what an important role the choice of color plays in this. Of course not only the selection of a color palette works to achieve a design goal. It is solv in a complex way together with the use of various shapes lines fonts their combinations etc.

Fax Lists

Terminology and general color

Theory The study of color theory begins with BJ Lists the analysis of basic concepts. Namely the categories of colors. Primary colors are the base for creating any shade of the color palette. In the artistic color reproduction syst also call subtractive there are only three of th purple bluegreen yellow. Note that it differs from Maxwells additive syst RGB short for the name of colors in English according to which the primary .


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