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Motivated and he hated Black people Waters said of the suspect. The gunman was armed with an ARstyle rifle and a handgun. And outfitted in a tactical vest when he. Shot three people two men and a woman before turning Waters. No other injuries were reported in the shooting. Story continues View comments TermsPrivacy. PolicyPrivacy. DashboardAbout. Our Ads New reports shed light on nearly billion in land. Purchases by a mysterious company near. California Air Force base that raised national security concerns. Since a group called. Flannery Associates invested. More than million on almost acres of agriculturezoned land surrounding.

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In Solano County California public Coinbase Virtual Currency Phone Number List records show. Despite early speculation China.Was behind the purchases amid. Concerns that companies. With ties to China have been ramping up efforts to buy American. Farmland legal representation for Flannery. Has maintained the group is controlled by U.S. citizens with of its capital coming from U.S.based investors. However after eight months of investigation. Federal officials were not able to confirm or deny this to be true and were not able to determine exactly who was backing the company.

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Now reports from The New York  Chronicle BJ Lists reveal Flannery is comprised of a group of ultrawealthy Silicon Valley investors acquiring vast parcels of land northeast of San Francisco with the mission to build a new California city from scratch. Arizona woman arrested accused of poisoning Air Force husbands coffee According to the reports the investors plan for the land involves creating a new urban center that could accommodate the growing demands of the tech industry and provide a fresh environment for innovation and economic growth. The goal according to the reports is to establish a new city that caters to the needs of Silicon Valley tech companies and professionals potentially alleviating some of the challenges posed by.

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