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Namely focus on straighten it. Then do the same with the middle finger. Having thus pass the entire fist begin the reverse action. Start squeezing the little finger and finish with the index finger resting your thumb on it. Thus you must return to the starting position. Now start working with your left hand. In total you ne to do such complete approaches. After a few days of training you can increase the number of repetitions to ten. Perhaps during this monotonous exercise you will get tir. However it is important not to give in to fatigue as your mindfulness.

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Makes it easier for you to control your muscles. Be sure to concentrate on every movent of the hand otherwise the exercise loses its value. Use UK Business Fax List Associations Associative thinking is extrely important to develop. To do this it is enough to choose any arbitrary person and comprehensively study him for several minutes. Determine who or what the object of study is associat with. It could be another specific person animal or even an inanimate object. Try to guess the type of his activity. Development of mory and attention we start.

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Of mory and attention we start the process More pretend to be colorblind At first the exercise may se simple but in fact it is not. Take a pen with  BJ Lists  ink and write the word blue on it. Or draw the word r with a yellow marker. Do this experiment with other colors. Now try to read each word to yourself but say out loud exactly the color in which it is written.Why is it ne The color palette is the main tool of the designer whether it is web design interior design computer graphics or commercial drawing.The right combination of colors will make the product in dand.


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