The Indonesian Marine Corps

.A component of the Navy. An additional are on hand as well. After its formation the Peoples Security Army became the Republic of Indonesia Army. In the end the Indonesia National Armed Forces were chosen as the official name. . Pakistan Pakistan now has the sixthlargest active military force in the world. They have a wellequipped military with the support of several constitutionallysanctioned paramilitary formations. The force was established in following the countrys independence from the British Empire. In research by Global Firepower the armed forces of Pakistan were rated as the worlds th most potent. The country has one of the largest armies anywhere.

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The Middle East In government and Buy Bulk SMS Portugal politicians have little to do. . South Korea Known as the ROK Armed Forces the South Korean armed forces are one of the most influential and essential in the world. The countrys military has been classified as the sixth most powerful because of its size and weaponry. According to most estimates there are active duty personnel and reserve members. During the Korean Republics establishment in it was known as the Korean Liberation Army. However tensions arose between North and South Korea as both countries steadily bolstered their militaries. About million is spent annually on military defense in South Korea.

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 The President of the Republic

Who also serves as the countrys. Supreme BJ Lists Commander in.Chief is the one who is in.Charge of the countrys armed forces and directs their operations. The highestranking officers in the armed forces get together frequently to hold meetings of the. Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. The Egyptian Armed Forces are comprised of the. Egyptian Army the Egyptian Navy the Egyptian. Air Force and the Egyptian Air Defense. Forces all comparable to other countries armed forces. The United States military has approximately active. soldiers and an additional reserves. In addition the countrys armed forces are comprised of planes tanks and naval vessels. Egypt A more accurate term for Germanys armed forces is the Bundeswehr. the German governments name given to the German military.


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