The interfacing takes place thanks to a webservice.

  • Take advantage of the updating of the offer. The new products and the production of content related to them to create more specialized promotional campaigns. Both with google adwords and The interfacing takes place thanks to a webservice.on facebook (and with particular attention to .Remarketing.).
  • But be careful. Not being there means leaving room for competitors who. With their promotional campaigns. Will be able to acquire more customers. Taking them away from us.
  • Plan to send the offer via newsletter

Orders from customers are synchronized togethe

Thanks to timely  The interfacing takes place thanks to a webservice. planning and all the material created. It will not be difficult to periodically publish advice. Ideas and offers for christmas gifts on the various social media; having anticipated the special data  competitors and the effect of sharing between the various followers will be able amplify the diffusion of your brand and your offer. With the decree of the minister of economic development signed in recent days.

special data

Security and data protection

  • The rules have been established for the assignment of vouchers of up to 10.000 euros for smes that make investments in it products and services. In accordance with the provisions of the BJ Lists  destinazione italia decree of 2013.
  • Contributions up to a maximum of 10 thousand euros concern theThe interfacing takes place thanks to a webservice. purchase of software. Hardware and services to improve company efficiency ; modernization of work organization; development of e-commerce solutions ;

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