The main color is so important

A color sche bas on a color palette. And here an important question arises what to rely on in its development Lets dwell on this in a little more detail. Tip Color choice should be bas on color theory not your taste and preferences. Selection of basic colors It is logical that you ne to start with this in order to then supplent th with suitable tones.

Because it will take

The maximum attention of China Business Fax List the user when launching a program application etc. The interface should not be visually overload. It is better not to use more than three tones in it. They play the role of a kind of anchors that will connect the creat impression with the image of a particular commercial product or brand. Choose your optimal.

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White and black tone

The main rule is to avoid absolutely white and black colors. The fact is that in combination they give rise to a BJ Lists very strong contrast of for white and for black brightness. With visual perception this is not very comfortable. Therefore it will be inconvenient for the user to use such an interface for a long time. Color selection Color.


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