The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content in B2B Marketing

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is a tactic whereby businesses reuse existing content to expand their reach.

For instance, you might take a blog and transform Norway Phone Numbers the main points into an infographic or a LinkedIn carousel.

To clarify: repurposing content is not resharing your content or someone else’s from various marketing channels.

And it’s definitely not sharing someone else’s content with your added opinion.

With repurposing, you take existing content and transform it to suit whichever channel or platform you’re publishing it on.

This can include creating an infographic from someone else’s article or publishing webinar snippets on YouTube.

Why is content repurposing important?

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The benefits are well worth the effort it takes to create, share and transform your content assets.

1. Increases reach

By sharing content across channels, more and more Brazil Phone Number List people will see and share your posts. This leads to better brand awareness, more reach and a wider audience.

Think about this:

Let’s say that not many people saw your article the first time you published it. But if you retool it for a different channel, it gives you a second chance to target prospects who might have missed it the first time around.

2. Reduces costs

No matter the size of your organisation, repurposing content can help reduce the costs associated with content creation.

Since you’re reusing content, your team will be available to work on other projects that bring in revenue.

So essentially, you’re doubling your revenue-generating activities and cutting costs!

3. Saves time

As we mentioned above, content repurposing can reduce the number of hours your team spends on creating new content.

This streamlined way of marketing allows them to spend more time optimising and improving content, rather than constantly creating net new.

That’s a win-win in anyone’s book.

4. Supports SEO

Repurposing your content means you’ll create more and more opportunities for sharing, and that’s what’s going to help increase your, specifically your.

Because the more you share your content, the more opportunities are created for backlinks.

Plus search engines, like Google, will find your site more credible and rank you higher.

5. Builds awareness

The more your brand is seen, the greater the awareness and strength of your overall message.

Your audience will also start to view you as an authority in their industry. They’ll come to trust you more than brands that aren’t very visible.

The result:

You’ll reach new audiences and form better relationships with your current buyers.

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