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Up the faux pas. Also he must be worried that a fall can also lead to injury. However the contorted expression says a lot of things and he will have a good laugh or two later when he catches up with this hilarious photo. So whoever says cheerleading is easy they dont know half of it Awkward Much Cheerleading besides boasting of some scintillating moments what with flips and the smooth landings also boasts of several awkward moments. Something that picture suggests is when these girls look up and what they see leave their mouths open.

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Horrified and we would want to know exactly Brunei Bulk SMS Packages what makes them feel the way they are feeling on second. Thoughts though wed rather not know. Heres hoping it is just a rehearsal and not the real event because this may lead to many awkward photos and would be the butt of jokes of the others watching the girls. If it is a rehearsal and not a real event it is a clear. lesson on when not to lookup. The Young The Brave Were sure at one point in your life you dreamt of winning a race. This little girl seems like she has some. dreams to catch because she fearlessly ran in front of a bike race.

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A personal injury lawyer oncall next BJ Lists time she does. Things like this. Its not mean feat to outrun bicycles though probably a talent she can use to fill up her bank account later on. What Goes Around Comes Around. We often think some of the things we use in sports are all tried out and tested but somehow the universe still begs to differ. Its either this guys baseball bat wasnt. Sturdy enough or whoever threw the ball had superhuman strength. Lets hope his face wasnt damaged by the bat for he might need to get plastic surgery to restore his rugged good looks.


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