They are extremely happy because

Want them in our team the team they are representing has won. We dont blame them if their team has won they should be happy and express themselves too Their eyes do a stellar job of expressing their happiness. Again the photographer should be applauded for clicking them at the right moment. Heres to many more such wins and the cheerleaders expressing their happiness and joy like no tomorrow. Saved By The Hand Were not sure if the guy in the picture needed to go to the hospital after this but he saved the little boy from what could have been a freak accident.

He must have had

Superherolike reflexes to actually get his arm in Bulk SMS Taiwan front of the kid before the baseball bat did some heavy damage. A personal injury lawyer among the crowd must have held his breath. Man In The Mirror Its inspiring for people who went to photography schools to see unique images like this one for example. We wonder if the guy really did this for the camera or was just doing his own thing. Hopefully he got up properly and didnt just fall into the water after this photo was taken. Weightlifting Cousin Itt Weightlifting is a very challenging sport that we bet is a good form of exercise too.

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Just check out this gir

Who was candidly shot when she was BJ Lists just about to lift her barbell. Because of all that hair and sweat on her face doesnt she remind you of. The character Cousin Itt from the Adams Family The Risks of Cheerleading While cheerleading. Seems all fun and game till you realize it isnt. Things can change drastically from the rehearsals to the actual event. A case in point is this awkward photo when the man in the picture is at the receiving end from a misstep. The man has a tough time balancing her and his expression shows as muchHowever the man is trying his best to help.


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