Updated sizes for photos and videos on social media

Instagram, facebook, youtube and pinterest, all measures to publish. Perfect images and videos on your social pages. Social photos and videos have now become our daily bread. Part of our life takes place on social media , just as part of our identity is also defined through social media . In this context, photos and videos play a fundamental role . They are a form of communication that is applied and perceived in the same way. In all parts of the world : they are like a stage from which we can show ourselves in the way we like and represents us most. Instagram, facebook, youtube, pinterest and many others. Are all based on these two essential elements . Without this content it wouldn’t be so easy to impress others. Stay impressed, advertise the brand and sell .

Why are social photos and videos important for your work?

Over time, profile management has improved so much . New Database That specific professional figures have been created for this task. Structuring a social profile, choosing the types of photos to publish. Creating the perfect video so. That everything is functional and effective for your brand requires. In fact, in-depth knowledge of the different social platforms , the audience’s preferences . Their way of approaching and many other aspects. The choice of small details and awareness of modern trends. Really makes the difference on the market. This content is used to showcase your brand and make it work . This is why they must be managed to the best of their potential. Then you can’t leave anything to chance. Preferring one photo over another has its weight. In achieving results on social media. Where to start from?

How to resize social photos and videos?

There are various programs to resize social photos and videos . BJ Lists  Knowing that each site will adapt your content itself . To have perfect quality it is best to prepare a good starting format. Or, to work more simply and quickly . You can use applications that can be downloaded directly to your mobile phone : Photo & picture resizer , Video compressor . A special mention should be made instead for instagram. The image-based social network par excellence. To edit photos on instagram . According to the format you want, there are various applications, such as nocrop . But be careful, if you want to publish a series of photos they must have the same format . 

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