Use a Donation Sticker in Your Stories

Were you one of those kids who saved your stickers due to a crippling fear of commitment? Luckily for you, instagram’s donation stickers can be used as many times as you want.

Instagram’s donation sticker makes it easy to collect donations directly from your followers within your story. To add a donation sticker to your story, simply take a picture or video, swipe up to access the sticker tray, and select the donation sticker.

After selecting the appropriate charity, non-profit organization, or other enterprise, customize your message, and post your story. Voila! Don’t let your stories wither and die after a mere 24 hours. Keep a running account of your fundraiser journey in your story highlights. This also gives people another place to find that handy donate now sticker

Add a Support Button to Your Profile

If you’re running the social media account of the university, government agency, hospital, non-profit, or whatever cause you’re supporting, then you should add a donate button.

Remember those steps we mentioned above about making your account eligible to run b2b leads a fundraising campaign? You’re going to need to have done that to do this!

To add a donate button to your non-profit’s Instagram business account. Head to your profile tap Profile or your photo in the bottom right. Hit the hamburger menu in the top right corner, then head to Settings and privacy. Tap Business, then tap Donations. Toggle Add Donate Button to Profile.

Add a Donate Button to Your Reel or Live Session

People love video content, in fact, reels take up 30% of the time people spend on instagram. Creating a reel to promote your instagram fundraiser can go a long way. Be sure to add a donate button to your video by following these steps:

open instagram and click. Tap reel in the menu. Film or upload your BJ Lists reel and hit preview. Edit or don’t your video and hit next

tap add fundraiser. Select an organization and fill in the details. If it’s a group fundraiser, now’s your opportunity to tap collaborators and invite others to join. Tap share. Broadcasting instagram live sessions are another way to increase your fundraiser’s reach. These can be especially effective if you collaborate with an influencer, host an interview, or provide value to your followers in some way.

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