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Colors are r green and blue. Designer training until August In months you will be able to get a job with an income of rubles. Book Discount Secondary colors are form by mixing two primary colors. This produces orange purple and green. Tertiary colors are creat by adding secondary colors to the main ones. There are six of th rorange rviolet blueviolet bluegreen yellowgreen and yelloworange. Terminology.

General color theory Terminology

And general color theory It is also impossible to do without key terms. Tone . Indicates the color pigment us. It will not Singapore Business Fax List be a mistake to put an equal sign between tone and color. Chromaticity is the purity of a color which depends on the presence absence of white gray and black in it. A high level of chroma means that the color is completely devoid of the aforention tones. Their addition respectively ruces.

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The chromaticity In practice

It is important for a designer to know that BJ Lists nearby colors should differ markly in chromaticity. Saturation . It depends on how this or that lighting will affect the color. Choosing this parameter you should focus on the saturation of natural tones. Tone is the color to which gray has been add. The result is rather peculiar.


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