Were not sure where his hands

Were but what we do know is that he is supposed to catch the ball. We hope he had the money for plastic surgery because fixing his nose wont come cheap. Goodbye Million Dollar Smile Even if this is one of those photography shots that may look cool the player in orange probably lost his front teeth just moments after this shot was taken and before he went to the dentist. Soccer is another sport that can really get tough and dirty so its safe to assume that all athletes invest in an excellent health insurance or life insurance. The Stunt Lands Wrong What happens when a stunt goes all wrong A look at this photo will give a perfect example of a stunt gone.

The look of the mans face

All wrong Going bythe illtiming of the stunt landed Buy Bulk SMS Qatar both of them in soup. Maybe he was supposed to catch the cheerleader as she flips. The perfectly synchronized picture shows what can go wrong and gives us a sneak peek of a disaster looming large. We are hoping that the girl doesnt hurt herself with that awkward dip. The mans face also shows a bit of a shock Did he get hurt too Ah the things that a picture can reveal It just goes to say no game is hundred percent safe one has to be doubly careful to avoid freak accidents. Piggyback Ride People always come up with new things or sports that sometimes would just make you .

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Wonder what really goes

On in their heads. Just look at this guy who BJ Lists thought of joining a pig rodeo. Judging by the cameraman behind him he probably made some money partaking in this. Duckface Is Life Yes this was the guy from.The previous photo that you just saw. But we just cant help but bring him back because of his winning duckface. The whole world of shot. Put should give this guy credit for looking effortlessly funny while keeping the intensity of the game. You May Kiss The Ball This girl should probably head to the doctor and get her eyes. Checked because it appears that shes not sure of where the ball is. We guess she hoped for it to.  land on her arm but the ball just wanted to come face to face with her.


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