What are the business models in e-commerce

What are the business a manual filter can also be use to protect users from harmful content and privacy violations. Filtering inappropriate or harmful content Google may impose a manual filter on sites that promote inappropriate content, such as pornography. Violence, hate speech or illegal substances. Securing user privacy. Google may also apply manual filters to sites that violate users’ privacy, for example by collecting and using data without users’ consent or using invasive tracking practices. Manual filter, Google manual filter Manual filter from Google Criteria for using manual filters. Detecting violations of Google Webmaster Guidelines Google constantly monitors websites for compliance with webmaster guidelines.

Returning to the business model

Pages that violate them may be subject to manual review and manual filters. Examples of violations include: Hidden texts and links One of the abuses Photo Retouching is hiding texts or links on websites, for example by using background colors identical to the color of the text. Another unethical action is the use of layers or hiding links inside other elements of the page. Very poor quality links Sites that engage in activities such as purchasing large numbers of poor, off-topic links, link exchanges, or creating pages ( PBNs ) for the sole purpose of acquiring links.

Which type should you choose

Filling with keywords Keywords play an important role in the website positioning process . Pages that over-stuff with keywords, placing them in unnatural ways, may be penalize by the filter. How does Google identify pages for manual filtering? Google uses BJ Lists various sources of information to identify fraudulent sites, these include: User reports Users can use the spam reporting tool to report sites that violate Google’s guidelines. Google analyzes such reports and takes appropriate action if violations are detected.

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