What is a pillar page and how is it created?

The advantages and fundamental steps to create a pillar page. That climbs google search results Since the advent of bert, google’s new algorithm. Which introduces an unprecedented improvement. In the understanding of online texts, things are radically changing. It is no longer enough to write good articles, with well-positioned keywords. Authority and reliability have become primary values . You must demonstrate that you are competent. And authoritative on the topics you speak about. And it is in this context that the pillar page comes into play . To create a pillar page you need to . Start thinking with a broader vision than the one you would adopt for a simple article.

What is the pillar page?

Pillar page means, precisely, pillar page . Creating a pillar page is essential for your site . Latest Data In particular, it is a page that deals with all aspects of a certain topic . But refers, via the links in the text, to the articles that will delve deeper into each point. It is therefore full of information and quite long , usually around 2000 words. Its purpose is to address the topic , but in a general way . So as to be able to provide insights in the articles related to the pillar page. It is a general article on a keyword, a product, a topic for which you want to position yourself. When a user performs a search they do so to look for information and not just to purchase a product or service. 

What are the advantages linked to the pillar page?

Creating a pillar page is essential to communicate .  BJ Lists  Your expertise on certain topics to google. As we have just said, it is a kind of guide . That comprehensively provides all the answers the user is looking. For and even something more. Google rewards comprehensive articles, with precise answers and a well-organized site . The pillar page is a way to satisfy all these requests. With google’s new search systems, such as voice . Or image search, the user experience has become increasingly personalized. Today, you can ask google questions as if it were a guide. What does it mean? It means that if before you could ask him “travel to europe”, now you can ask him “how to travel to europe with children”. 

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