Working With Subject Matter Experts: Tips for B2B Marketers

Expert advice makes the world go round.

Why? Because it makes our understanding of topics better, richer, and more interesting.

This is something Cognism’s demand gen Estonia Phone Numbers marketing team has learnt.

In this article, you’ll find out about our journey working with subject matter experts (SMEs) such as.

Topics under discussion include:

  • Why we chose to work with subject matter experts.
  • What to do after you’ve hired a subject matter expert.
  • How to execute a proper SME content strategy.

Why work with subject matter experts?

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To kick things off, why did Cognism’s  team bother with a subject matter expert?

Alice said it was about  in the team’s knowledge:

“We had marketing insights covered, but we needed access to sales knowledge to help us level up our content.”

And why should a demand gen marketer Belgium Phone Number List and a subject matter expert pair up?

Speaking about Ryan Reisert, who was Cognism’s SME in 2022, Alice said:

What happens after you’ve hired a subject matter expert?

James (who worked in Cognism’s demand gen team) was assigned to work with Ryan.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Ryan had worked on content for our blog, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. But the next question we had was: ‘How can we create a channel out of Ryan?’”

James stressed the importance of having a ‘big picture’ approach when working with subject matter experts.

“When you’re thinking about a subject matter expert, you’ve got to think about why you’ve got this person and what are they going to be doing.”

For James, the big picture was built on three aims:

How to execute a subject matter expert strategy

Deciding on a subject matter expert is the easy part.

The tricky part is finding out how to make noise on LinkedIn, because as James said:

“It’s a competitive space. So it’s important to find your niche and figure out how you can be most useful.”

“It’s also crucial to establish where your subject matter expert sits within the industry.”

James told us how he worked this out with Ryan.

“There’s so much on, being an SDR etc. But there’s a few spaces we’ve really made our own stance on. For example, one gap we identified are tactical posts for SDRs.”

Something you should NEVER lose sight of is the purpose of LinkedIn. James reminds us that.


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